Back to Nature
Darul Ta‘lim is located in a tropical rainforest with natural scenery, peoples who are far away from nature can experience nature and natural farming, enjoy rural life and feel the beauty of nature. This unique experience is allowing you to cherish the preciousness of the environment, unlock between people and nature, you can be nourished and healed in nature. Now is time to take a break to energize yourself. Let’s slow it down and enjoy the beauty of the nature.

知竹圆是坐落在一片古老的热带雨林中。 远离大自然生活的您, 可以享受大自然生活,体验和体会大自然绿色环保生态农场,了解食物来源,享受田生活,感受大自然的美好,珍惜环境与资源的可贵,实线绿色环保生活,拉近人与人,人与自然的关系,让我们在大自然中获得滋养和疗愈。
Organic Farm Tour
Guided organic farm tour that will walk you along the farm. We will share with you the organic ecosystem agriculture and how this ecosystem agriculture can help to protect the Mother Nature.

Happy Chicken is a by-product of concentrated nutrient with specially formulated quality feed. This key technique in farming makes Happy Chicken your healthier choice for nutrition. In replacing antibiotics, Happy Farm feeds natural supplements such as probiotics and high-quality chinese herbs to sustain a healthy and strong chicken. However Happy Chicken required approximate 120 days of growing period as we are enforcing natural feed without use of any growth hormones. The special feed allows chickens to grow healthily in a natural free-range environment, hence the long wait.

Why is “Happy Chicken, Choice of Healthy?”
Commercial chicken takes about 28-30 days on average to raise a meat chicken to maturity. Rapid growth is possible as they are fed with beta agonist and antibiotics. Moreover, commercial chickens are caged “in jailed” with little movement and fed with commercial feed daily to accelerate their growth rate. Hence the weights of these chickens are concentrated with high percentage of fats and various issues such as contaminated with the anti-parasitic drugs or pesticides used on farms, or excessive hormones. Regular consumption of these meats can lead to a significant health risk.


因一般市场上的白肉鸡市场上的白肉鸡平均上市日龄只需28-30天 ,从小饲养抗生素的食料長大。同时鸡只都“牢“在日長夜短的日子里, 每日摄取着商业化的饲料,只注重快速增加鸡只的重量因而造成脂肪过高、过量激素等问题,不强调優良和健康的肉質, 长期食用对健康造成不良的影响。悦园采用绿色环保无毒、无农药的养殖概念不添加任何化学成分,让你安心享受营养美食。
Dangerous ‘yellow’ chicken
There is misconception of the “yellowish” of chickens is the best type of free-range or “kampung” chicken.

According to research, the colour should direct result of breed, exercise, age, and diet. Freshly prepared raw chicken should have a pinkish colour for the meat and white for the fat. You will also find the light-yellow colour on the raw skin.
Guarantee Assurance
At HappyFarm2u, we guarantee that no dye is being used in the breeding process. We feed our chicken with feed containing corn that provides the natural zeatin compound that gives the Chicken their natural light yellow skin. Together with the special feed of Probiotics, Chinese Herbal and nutrients.